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Luxury, comfort and the beauty of snow!

In the daily nitty-gritty of life, we often forget of giving ourselves a special treat. Think of when was the last time you weren’t worried about getting the next assignment done, or the next meeting, or even making sure you had a cozy bed ready for you to have a super warm and comfortable sleep? Well, in this article, I will be covering 3 beautiful places that can make you forget about the daily life hustle, at least for some period of time.

Huus Gstaad: Few hotels have an excellent tagline and, fewer deliver an experience matching that tagline. Well, Huus is totally different. Not only does it match its tagline of “Your Alpine Escape Awaits”, but there is also an experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Nestled among the rolling peaks of the Bernese Alps, the sunny hillside location boasts the best views in all of Gstaad. Summer or winter – it’s time to come up, slow down and enjoy the feel-good HUUS atmosphere. Mountain View balcony, an amazing spa along with the option to enjoy an igloo, you will get a touch of comfort that feels so familiar, you will end up in awe and a desire to have your Alpine home away from home, in reality.

Hotel Post Zermatt: Ever thought of having your own private Jacuzzi at your stay? Welcome to Zermatt — Where peace and well-being touch the senses… and ease is born. The place offers 3 different restaurants in one with the comfort of having Swiss food without taking any extra hassle. The small, fine SPA of the Unique Hotel Post pampers not only the body but also the soul with a sauna, steam bath, large jacuzzi and adventure showers. Here it means: come to rest, give the spirit wings, breathe out the day and just listen to the sound of silence. Enjoy the touch in its most relaxing form and treat yourself to the luxury of “me time”. Cozy bathrobes and slippers, which are ready for you in your room and invite you to relax from head to toe.

Everest Chalet: Let’s increase the height of your comfort, literally! Real estate in the heart of Prato Nevoso is a quality project immersed in the natural paradise of Borgo Stalle Lunghe, consisting of apartments with high technological and functional performance, with attention to the smallest details. As a matter of fact, the designer of the chalet is the same person who played a key role at Fendi. You can get activities like moto-ski arranged, and add a bit of fun and adventure to the package. The entire apartment is designed to give you a relaxed, autonomous, and cozy experience.  

Allison Soro

Contact info@luxuryconciergeservice.co.uk to arrange reservations or visits to any of the above locations, it may be possible for us to able to arrange complimentary rates and extras.

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